COVID-19 Orange Setting Conditions

Casebrook COVID Orange Setting Information for Parents, Caregivers & Whānau 2022


Casebrook Covid Protection Framework Expectations for Orange Level  - 26.04.2022

The info we have is being updated all the time. We will inform parents, caregivers & whānau of any changes as advised. We apply protocols to our school that have been advised to us by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and Ministry of Health (MOH). 


Main things to be aware of at Casebrook in Orange setting:

  • We expect all staff and students (unless granted an exemption via their GP) to continue wearing face masks until Covid is less prevalent in our school community.

  • Music, cultural groups and dance groups can now take place indoors.

  • Large indoor gatherings will continue to be avoided (eg assemblies).


General info:

  • Our school is open for on site learning for all of our students.

  • Children with complex medical needs should seek advice from their health professional about whether it is appropriate to come to school.  

  • We will continue to support off-site learning for those who are advised to remain at home for medical reasons. Please communicate with us asap if this impacts your child, including any medical info necessary from GP.

  • We ask if children are unwell with colds and flu-like symptoms that parents and whānau are proactive in keeping students at home and we will send anyone home if they show any symptoms of illness. 

  • We ask that any parents entering the school site do so via the front office first. 

  • Any parent/caregiver entering school is asked to wear a mask inside on site also.

  • We ask that parents keep socially distanced at all times with other parents/children and staff. If you need to meet with your child’s teacher please arrange this prior to entering school grounds. Parents are asked not to enter classrooms. 

  • Classrooms will continue to be cleaned regularly (we have a special desk cleaning machine). We will continue to ask students and staff to sanitise their hands every time they enter and exit classrooms. 


  • Facemasks are to be worn when indoors by students and any staff member working with them (unless they have an existing mask exemption). We will continue this requirement whilst there is Covid in our school community. This will be reviewed over time in line with covid case numbers reducing.

  • Students (and their families/caregivers) will continue to be expected to provide their own facemasks. School will have an emergency supply just in case. 

  • We recommend students have 5 facemasks and rotate them daily over the school week - there is no need to throw them away at the end of each day - we have been advised they will be just as safe to wear again if left to air out over a longer period of time. 

  • Students and staff can take masks off when outside, to eat, drink or exercise.

  • We will continue to eat lunch outside (weather permitting) in Term 2.

  • Students are not required to wear masks when outside at break times or if working outside.

  • We will continue to support our teaching team to work outside where possible, and to provide regular opportunities for students to work outside so they can take a break from mask wearing.

  • We learned during the first term (re-learned even) that if our students spend 10 minutes outside every hour for a mask break, they are more engaged in the class too. A double benefit.

  • Face masks are mandatory for any student aged 12 and upwards on school transport, and when accessing public venues.


  • Windows will continue to be open all day - we are expecting our classroom teachers to ensure windows, doors if suitable are open and ventilation is ensured. 

  • As we enter the colder terms we are allowing students to wear jackets in classrooms.


Physical distancing:

  • Whilst there are no restrictions on indoor gathering sizes in Orange setting we will continue to play it safe around events such as assembly.  These will continue to be held on Zoom.

  • All dance, singing, sporting activities are now allowed to be held indoors.

  • Kapa Haka and Pasifika will return to our well ventilated school hall - we will encourage students to wear masks where appropriate. 

Visitors (Parents / Caregivers / Whānau) on site:

  • No non-essential visitors on site please

  • All visitors, including parents and caregivers, if they do come onsite should wear masks when on school grounds and only enter school buildings via the main office - scan in or sign in for contact tracing purposes.

School Sport:

  • We are scheduled to start Winter Hagley / Intermediate School Sport from Tuesday 24th May (Week 4). Water polo and YMCA Basketball will also begin as planned in Term 2.


  • These should be taken home each day by students and cleaned daily

If There is a Positive Case in our School:

  • We had a well tested communication plan for any Covid positive/ household contact cases in our school in terms 1 and will continue in this fashion:

  • If your child is a positive covid case or becomes a household contact please contact the office and your child’s classroom teacher

  • A member of our management team will be in touch via email about any needs your child may have at home, device access, and communicate a scheduled return date to school.  


More information about Orange Light of the Covid Protection Framework

Finally, it’s important that at home safe hygiene habits are practised by everyone - this is essential to minimise the risk that someone gets infected with Covid-19. 

For more information about the public health measures at Orange , you can visit the website:


Important School Contact info:

  • School phone number: 03 3597428

  • Sharon Keen - Principal:

  • Christine Gillard - Office -

  • Nick Leith - Deputy Principal -

  • Will Stribling - Assistant Principal -

  • Mark Russell - Learning Support Coordinator -