Learning From Home - COVID-19 LOCKDOWN

Remote Learning - COVID-19 LOCKDOWN 2020 - Last updated Fri 24th March


Please note - this will evolve as we learn on the job! 

Our teaching teams are equipped to do this is a number of ways with their students. This will evolve over time as we learn more about this new 'frontier' and students (and their parents/whānau) learn new skills.

Learning From Home Vision

Our vision for learning from home is for it to be engaging, varied and different. It should not be a replication of school but instead a way to keep community and wellbeing at the front of our thinking in a time of isolation. Wellbeing for our students and staff is just as important as basic facts or writing sentences.

Remote teaching is a unique opportunity to use new methods of communication to engage and support learning. We understand that one method of communication will not work for all students and their whānau. All staff will do their best to consider this.

Teaching & Learning

Teachers (including specialist/technology teachers) are available during the school day and will be available to respond via email to any communication from students and/or their whānau.

Part-time staff will work as per their regular schedule. This will vary depending on their days of work.

Teacher aides will contact individual students they are working with and offer extra support where required.

Please contact your child classroom teacher via email if you have any questions about classroom learning - find email contact list here

Please contact Mark Russell if you have any questions about learning support -  mrussell@casebrook.school.nz

Pastoral Connections

For an hour each day, groups of students in homerooms will be contacted for a pre-scheduled, once weekly pastoral catchup via online video call (Google Hangout) or phone call with their classroom teacher.  This will include conversations with whānau when/as is necessary. We have asked teachers to connect with parents first before talking with students. 

Our Learning From Home Curriculum Expectations

(Beginning Start of Term 2)

Core Curriculum:

The curriculum will be delivered between 9.00am and 12.30pm and is to consist of the following: 

-  Mathematics

-  Reading

-  Writing (including word study, punctuation etc)

All students have a google email that ends in @casebrook.school.nz. This enables us to email each student individually, as a class, a year or whole school group. Ask your child what their email address,  their username, and password to log-in is.

Staff will use Hapara Workspaces and Google Education apps to deliver the curriculum online to all students in their classroom. 

Classrooms teacher will organise students into groups and aim to video call them to discuss the learning for the week and keep connections going within the class.

Maths work will be delivered through the website - Education perfect. This is set by Maths class teachers - please note - your child may have a different maths class teacher to their homeroom teacher.

Students who are unable to access the internet due to lack of device access or internet have been identified and are supported initially via resources sent home and/or a school-owned device (if the family has internet capabilities).

Wider Curriculum Options:

Teachers are to set a ‘Casebrook Challenge’ style menu of opportunities for learning around the home for afternoon options. This will consist of wider-curriculum options including Physical Education, Health and Wellbeing, Dance, Music, Te Reo, Social Sciences. This will be a collaborative menu board which is updated fortnightly. We expect students to share work from this menu board with their teachers weekly. Teachers and parents may direct students towards compulsory tasks and varied curriculum areas as we progress. This will be emailed out fortnightly by teachers.

Technology and Specialist Classes:

Our technology and specialist teachers will work with current classes and provide technology focussed work for the students in their groups. There will also be technology-based work contributed to the wider curriculum menu board. Students and parents can expect an email from their Technology and Specialist teacher at the start of Term 2. You can see the list of teachers involved in our technology & specialist team here: CLICK HERE

Casebrook Challenge Term 2:

Casebrook Challenge for Term 1 is now finished. Students can have this work signed off once school commences back on site. In the meantime we shift into Term 2. Casebrook Challenge T2 can be downloaded by clicking on this link: CLICK HERE 


Protocols for Online Learning / Communication

As teachers and students are communicating in a new environment there are some key safety aspects that must be considered:

  1. Any video calls will need to be conducted from a communal area to protect all parties. It is not a safe practice to call or chat via a bedroom.

  2. We will be respecting the privacy needs of individual student pastoral scenarios when working in busy homes.

  3. The students will have access to Google applications we have previously had turned off at school, such as Google Hangouts that include chat capabilities. Our Casebrook internet user-agreement is still very much in place. Please ensure you follow up any contact about this from teachers as there is risk for inappropriate communication in this new learning environment. 

Who do I contact if my child needs more help?

If you need some extra support here is what we advise:

1) Learning - start with your child's classroom teacher

Mark Russell (Learning Support Coordinator) and Nick Leith (Dep. principal) may be able to help further down the line. 

Teacher Aides have been assigned to students who require extra learning already.

Our ORS teacher has been assigned to students who require support as well.

2) Wellbeing - contact your classroom teacher and include Mark Russell into any concerns you have. We can still access wider pastoral services who may be able to offer advice and guidance.

3) General queries - contact the office as normal - office@casebrook.school.nz