Mrs Keen: President of NZAIMS

By Isaac, Jonty, Rehana and Illerdin | Posted: Tuesday May 29, 2018

Mrs Sharon Keen is the current president of the New Zealand's Association of Intermediate and Middle Schools (NZAIMS). NZAIMS is a programme that is the voice of middle schooling at national decision-maker level.

Mrs Keen became president of NZAIMS 18 months ago. As President of AIMS Mrs Keen goes to conferences and meets with teachers and principals across New Zealand and sometimes meets with members of the government.

Mrs Keen stated, “NZAIMS helps connect teachers and principals in schools”. She also said, “The organisation provides professional learning so that we can provide the best education possible for our emerging adolescent students.” Mrs Keen goes to many conferences all around New Zealand to discuss new ideas and plans.

The students of Casebrook Intermediate are proud that Mrs Keen is president of NZAIMS. We are looking forward to how NZAIMS will help our learning.

By Isaac, Jonty, Rehana and Illerdin, Room 1

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