State of Origin

By Jacinta Clark | Posted: Wednesday July 4, 2018

Two games were played between the rugby union team and the rugby league team.

On Friday the 1st of June Casebrook had their first game of State of Origin.  Both teams had amazing games.  But league won 14 to 7.

On Friday the 22nd of June the 2nd game was held and it was a tough game. The rugby were winning at half time but then league came over them again winning 19 to 14.

We interviewed two players from both teams. Alex from the rugby team and Jamayne from rugby league teams.

Alex chose to play rugby because he loves the great feeling you get when you make a good tackle. His favourite position is No. 8 because you can break off the scrum with the ball.  Alex’s favourite team is the Crusaders. He wants to work on moving up as a line on defense.  Alex’s favourite moment of playing rugby is running through the whole team and scoring under the post.

Jamayne chose to play league because it’s fun. His favourite position is full back. Jamayne’s favourite league teams are the Warriors and Broncos.  In his next game, he wants to communicate with the team more. Jamayne’s favourite moment playing league was when he was playing for Canterbury and versed West Coast.

By Jacob and Gio (Room 4)