Canteen news Term 3

By Casebrook Unican | Posted: Sunday July 22, 2018

Canteen specials in Term Three: Hot cakes with maple syrup, Butter chicken and rice, Texas rib rolls along with the ever popular Sushi, and Potato wedges still on the menu.

The Casebrook pizza is very popular and are made fresh each day with a low fat cheese and a tomato base high in lycopene. We have a range of flavours available incl Vegetarian, Butter chicken, BBQ chicken, Meatlovers, Hawaiian, Wedge and Bacon and egg. Students can also order Gluten free varieties. All only $3.00 each.

Another popular lunch food are the Metro pies available in Mince or Mince and Cheese $2.50 each. Our Metro range of pies have the Heart Foundation tick of approval as they have been independently tested and have met strict guidelines for trans fats, saturated fats, sodium, and fibre. They are an ideal size for lunch for hungry active kids. If you have any questions regarding the canteen menu or there is something you would like to see included please contact our canteen manager. You will find the full menu on the Casebrook website.


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