Introducing Miss Aitken!

By Charlotte O'Leary De Malmanche & Deija Ellwood | Posted: Wednesday August 22, 2018

At the end of Term 2 we farewelled Mr McBride from Casebrook. This term we welcome Miss Aitken. She is the new teacher in Room 14 and we asked her some questions about herself.

1] Are you enjoying it here?

I am loving Casebrook Intermediate.

2] How was your move to Casebrook?

The move was great. I have set up the classroom and my programmes to suit my class.

3] What do you like most about Casebrook?

The people.

4] What made you want to come here?

I wanted a new challenge. Casebrook is an Intermediate school and I have not taught at one before. I loved the thought of being in an environment with Year 7 and 8 students who I enjoy teaching the most.

5] What's your favourite subject to teach?

I love teaching maths. I am passionate about maths and have been since I was at school. I also love teaching PE.

6] Are your homeroom students easy to teach?

Yes they are awesome now!

7] Do you like playing sport\teaching it?

Yes, I am a coach in my spare time, so teaching PE and Sport at school with this age group is something I love doing.

8] What was your old job?

I taught Year 5-8 students at Leithfield School.

9] Is this school different to your old school?

Leithfield is a full primary school. It has about 130 students and it is in the country, so very different to Casebrook.

10] Do you know how to play any instruments, if so what ones?

I can play a lot of different instruments, I just don’t play like I used to.

Thanks for answering the questions Miss Aitken, it’s great to have you at Casebrook Intermediate.