Casebrook Basketball Report.

By Lewis Brown & Caleb Stevens | Posted: Tuesday August 21, 2018

This year the basketball teams at Casebrook have had successful seasons. As their final games approach, we caught up with Mr Foster and Cooper Siave to get their thoughts on the basketball season.

Cooper says that all the players stand out and all have lots of potential, the players have good bonds and know each other well so that improves the skill of the team on the court. Cooper thinks his team is playing some good basketball and that they have a great group of boys in the team.

Cooper is a point guard for the boys A team, he enjoys this position because he gets to run the ball up the court and gets to call the plays. Coopers highlight for this season is having a good time with the boys on the court and playing the sport he loves.

Coach Mr Foster says that the results of all the teams have been mixed. He also says that all the teams have improved dramatically as the season goes on. Mr Foster started coaching basketball at Casebrook this year. What made Mr Foster want to coach was the fact that he enjoys the game. His favourite about coaching Casebrook basketball is watching all the teams and players improve.

A massive thank you goes to Mr Foster and Miss Bull for their efforts coaching on Friday nights this week. Great job you two!