Contributing School Visits

By Nick Leith | Posted: Wednesday August 19, 2015

Our contributing schools have been visited over the last couple of weeks by Casebrook student leaders. 

There is nothing like watching the pride and self-esteem our students display when returning to their previous schools. To be greeted with minor celebrity status is an experience all of our student leaders are sure to remember for a long time to come .

As part of our 'Transition to Casebrook' programme, and as a way to forge closer links with our contributing (cluster) schools our students have been returning to their old schools to share knowledge around what life is like at Intermediate school - from a kids perspective.

We have been greeted warmly by all of our contributing schools. An extra memorable event was the powhiri our ex-Bishopdale students were privileged to experience. 

This has brought out the very best in our students who have represented themselves, and Casebrook in a very impressive light.

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