Inquiry Field Trips Year 8

By Caleb Kilpatrick & Mrs Austin | Posted: Monday March 30, 2015

On the 30th March 2015, Room 7 and 8 was fortunate enough to have the experience of going to the Air Force Museum.

When we were at the Air Force Museum we did two things. First we learnt about ANZAC and Gallipoli in the classroom with the fantastic educator Chris and following that we got to complete a scavenger hunt around the museum and learn about the displays.

In the classroom Chris taught us about Gallipoli and how the two enemies played soccer in ‘no mans land’ and how the ANZAC’s escaped one night by tricking the Turk’s that they were still there.

Next we had to walk around the museum and find answers to all the questions on the scavenger hunt. I really enjoyed the Wall of Honour and finding peoples names, also the Aircraft Display Hall, as it was so impressive to see how big all the planes are. I enjoyed looking at the artillery on the fighter jets that were on display by the café. They were cool and powerful looking!

I am interested in learning more about WW1 and WW2 at school as part of our Inquiry. Room 7 students thoroughly enjoyed themselves on the field trip.

Thanks to Mrs Henry and Miss Butler for joining us as helpers.

Written by Caleb Kilpatrick & Mrs Austin

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