St John Ambulance 'Green' Mufti Day Fundraiser

By Nick Leith | Posted: Tuesday April 12, 2016

Casebrooks first student leadership project for 2016 has set the bar extremely high!

Our St John green mufti day fundraiser raised almost $500 for St Johns Ambulances.

A big thanks to Rebecca MacLennan in the canteen who provided some ‘innovative’ green options for students to purchase. Thanks also to Heather Devlin who was able to help us out with a school-wide set of cardboard.

Casebrook students loved the events held during the day including a ‘bandage’ relay and the big hit – The Cardboard Ambulance race.

St John have sent their thanks to our students for their superb support and creativity on display. Well done team!

You can watch all the fun in this short video below:

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