Community Consultation Survey Review of Inquiry / Social Sciences

By Sarah Austin | Posted: Wednesday September 2, 2015

Your feedback would be much appreciated and would help future planning of the Inquiry Programme at Casebrook Intermediate.

Please take a few minutes to fill in the survey. The feedback that you provide allows us to see our strengths and weaknesses from your perspective and make improvements to how we run the programme of Inquiry at Casebrook.

At Casebrook we teach Social Sciences through our Inquiry Process. The Inquiry Process involves three stages that students work through; these stages are Immersion, Processing and Evaluation. The idea of Inquiry is to develop students’ understanding of the Social Sciences curriculum Level 3 and Level 4. We want students to generate ideas and deeper understanding of the themes, issues and concepts presented to them. Inquiry involves students developing a range of skills including ICT, teaching and using thinking skills and tools to allow students to make deeper connections.

In order to continue to improve our Inquiry teaching we need to review the programme every two years. Part of the review is getting staff, student and community consultation. Please have a discussion with your child about Inquiry at Casebrook. You may have seen samples of work from your child’s sample book or heard about Inquiry field trips they have been on, please draw on this knowledge to assist you when working through the survey.

Please click on this link to access the survey.

Any further questions please feel free to contact me at

Thanks for your time.

Sarah Austin

Inquiry Leader

Casebrook Intermediate

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