Student Absences (copy)

By Christine Gillard | Posted: Wednesday May 16, 2018

When your child is absent from school a note is required to explain their absence. Texting to the teacher is not suitable. If the absence is five days or more a medical certificate is required.

The office procedures regarding student absences are:
You can either phone the school office or email through the school app.
• Each day a child is absent, please phone the school office on 3597-428 before 8.40 am, press 1 and record the name of the student, room number and the reason of their absence on our answer service.
• You can go on the school app:
     Click on the absence link, then fill out the information required.
• Office staff will then check the names of children absent from class whose names have been included on the absentee list.
• Office staff will then contact parents by texting to verify the missing student’s whereabouts.

We would appreciate parent co-operation and assistance with this procedure so we can ensure the safety of all our students as they travel to and from school each day.

School is meeting with the attendance officer weekly to look at our attendance!