Lost Property

By Catherina Hengst | Posted: Wednesday March 20, 2019

There is a lot of lost property currently being held at the school, please check through the list for anything you may recognise. You are welcome to come into school and have a look through it. All lost property will be donated at the end of this term.


4 school jackets

7 school jerseys

1 pair blue shorts

1 boys grey shirt

1 pair blue shorts (non uniform, but very close)

1 grey shirt (non uniform, but very close, no maroon stripe on arms)

Non uniform items:

1 black t shirt (plain)

1 black t shirt (palm trees & skull)

1 white t shirt

1 pair red shorts

1 green singlet

1 long sleeve midriff type sweater, grey (Live in the moment)

1 black hoodie (with front pocket)

1 brown towel

1 fawn towel

1 pair black dance shorts

1 pair boys undies (blue and black)

Rolly Inn beanie

4 asst drink bottles

4 hats, white - Wild Kiwi, white - Made for summer, purple - Girls code, black - Los Angeles

1 zip up computer bag (NVS)


Aluminium drink bottle (white with blue flowers) & orange speedo goggles

White Steven Adams t shirt, pair undies in blue Meadow fresh drawstring bag

Black shorts (swimming?) with red PUMA on side

Navy swim shorts (Endurance)

Red and black swim shorts (skull and crossbones)

Grey and blue swim shorts (pipe dreams)

4 pairs goggles - 2 X black, 1 X red with black strap, 1 X blue with yellow strap

Yellow and black drawstring bag (ASB)

Blue towel with green trim