Highlights from Term One

By Genevieve Feron | Posted: Monday April 29, 2019

Term One demonstrated the reason why Casebrook is known as the School of Opportunity. Sienna, Eboni, and Natalie from Room 15 share some of those highlights.

Last term was an extremely busy one full of excitement and team building activities. The Year 7’s have experienced the first-hand quality EOTC programme which includes activities such as surfing, the trek and high ropes. The Year 8’s went for a three night camp in Wainui and enjoyed coasteering, raft building, and kayaking to name a few. Both year groups were lucky to experience these fun programmes which provided an ideal team building environment.

Some other incredible highlights from Term One also included the Youthtown Invasion Games, the Super 10’s Tournament (which we won!) and the Summer Sports Tournament, where many children from Casebrook participated in. There was also the whole school tug of war which was a great way for students to meet their fellow house group members, use teamwork with each other, and demonstrate REP.

So, after an amazing first term at Casebrook Intermediate and a restful holiday, we’re ready for the next terms! We’re sure there will be more stimulating moments as everyone gets settled into clubs and other great opportunities at Casebrook. We have learnt heaps and we are ready to learn more!

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