Art Extension Fun at Casebrook

By Genevieve Feron | Posted: Wednesday May 1, 2019

Lily and Gracymay from Room 15 wanted to find out how Casebrook students are enjoying the art extension programme.

Art extension is a group at Casebrook that meets on Wednesday afternoons. Miss Zant gives the students a range of fun art activities so they can explore their creative side.

We interviewed three students from art extension to find out what they’ve been working on in term one. The students have been working on creating a piece of art for either the library or the music room. Kayla Muirson and Bree Banks have made a piece for the music room.

We asked two students what they enjoy most about art. One of the students enjoys painting and while the other enjoys sketching out ideas and freehand drawing.

The students enjoy exploring a range of different artistic techniques for different purposes around the school.

We look forward to seeing what art they come up with next!

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