Easter Raffle and Mufti Day

By Genevieve Feron | Posted: Wednesday May 1, 2019

The Easter Raffle and Mufti Day was a great success and a lot of fun. Tavia, Luke and Ruby from Room 15 caught up with the winners of the costume competition.

Last term at Casebrook we had our Easter Raffle and Mufti Day. We have interviewed two of the winners of the Easter themed mufti day, Gracymay Ellen and Lily Reeves. The prizes they won were a chocolate bunny and an M&M chocolate bar and they both said they felt great about their achievement. Lily was inspired by a costume she saw on a show and spent an hour working on the dress, it really paid off because it inspired Gracy to do the same.

We asked Chloe, our head girl, who was a judge, how hard it was to judge the costumes, she said it was very challenging to decide because there were so many great costumes.

Altogether, we raised over $5000 which will go towards getting a garage to store the school van and trailer. Overall the Easter Raffle and Mufti Day was a complete success.