By Deija and Isabelle - Room 4 | Posted: Wednesday June 12, 2019

We interviewed Huntyr, one of the Eco-warriors. We got her to tell us about what it was about. She told us a bit about her job as an Eco-warrior and what she does that's so important around the school.

Huntyr told us she likes Eco Warriors because she likes helping around the school and enjoys spending her time saving the planet. We asked her what the importance of the Eco-warriors was and she told us that it was for serving the school, helping keep our school neat and tidy with the compost and the rubbish that people sometimes litter around the school

Huntyr told us that she did something similar at her old school and she said she really enjoyed helping out there, so she thought she might enjoy it here at Casebrook.

We asked if Eco-warriors would help others pick up rubbish, she told us it would help because if other people would see them picking up rubbish, then it would make them pick up rubbish and make them feel good about it. 

“Because there are a few eco warriors we have a roster and that you change every once in a while so that it keeps fair."

Finally, we asked her if Eco-warriors has encouraged you to pick up rubbish, not just at school, but in the community as well. She told us that if she was to pick up rubbish lying on the ground it would make others in the community pick up rubbish too and it would make people very happy about what they have done to help the environment.

By Deija and Isabelle - Room 4