Congratulations to Alex Wallwork

By Adam Stewart (Room 13) | Posted: Monday June 24, 2019

Alex Wallwork from Room 13 was selected for the special orchestra for the Christchurch Schools Music Festival.

The Christchurch Schools Music Festival is a performance that goes on every year. It consists of an orchestra, a choir, and some school choirs. Alex plays the violin. He had to audition by playing a piece of music. Alex also played some scales and did some sight reading. There are 100 people in the orchestra, but there are 250 people in the choir as well. From 2011 to 2018, it was held in the Horncastle Arena. From 2019, it will be held in the newly reopened Town Hall. There are four weekend rehearsals and three full day rehearsals. Alex is playing from November 5th to November 8th.

University of Canterbury, Pub Charity Limited, the Southern Trust, Lions International, Rata Foundation and KBB Music all fund the festival. You can go on the Christchurch Schools Music Festival 2019 website then click on ticket information to see the festival.

Written by Adam Stewart (Room 13)

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