Our Chocolate fundraiser has been a huge success we really appreciate your support.

By Casebrook Unican | Posted: Monday June 24, 2019

Congratulations to our prize winners who sold an amazing amount of chocolate. 1st place went to Lochlan DeLeijer and he has won a $100 Northlands mall voucher.

2nd place goes to Isaiah Fortune winning a $60 voucher and 3rd place Kallarney Rotana-Clarke who wins a $40 voucher. Our other great sellers were Raven Tukua, Keegan Piper, Kaiden Turner, Blake Johnson, Shalani Kupe, Paige Greenhalgh, Cohen Max, Zoey Marshall, Ophelia Powell, Jake Holmes and Natalie Ford  who all received canteen vouchers. 

Congratulations also to Rm 2 and Rm 6 who had the highest chocolate sales and each received a box of Juicy's for their class to share.

We unfortunately still have some outstanding money please return payment asap or contact the office for a payment plan if needed.