Year 8 Lawn Bowls

By Alex Loader and Alex Maule (Room 13) | Posted: Wednesday June 19, 2019

Year 8s from Casebrook Intermediate are learning how to play lawn bowls.

For this interview we asked Flynn and Baxter (both from Room 12) some questions about them and lawn bowls. They both really enjoy playing Lawn bowls. Flynn and Baxter both like lawn bowls because it’s a thrill, not too hard and very interesting. In lawn bowls the aim of the game is to roll your ball as close as you can to the jack. The closest you can get is by hitting the jack. Other people can join as well.

Flynn and Baxter both say it is a hard sport, but very relaxing. Lawn bowls is a team sport (sometimes). You can either try a solo and get as close as you can, or go in as a team and have one of your teams balls closest and still be the top team. Lawn bowls got its name because it was originally played on a lawn. Room 12 say their scale of 1-10 of how good they are is a 8/10!!!

Written by Alex Loader and Alex Maule (Room 13)

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