Ttaranui Khui Ako Maths Problem Solving Challenge

By Stephen Harrison | Posted: Wednesday July 31, 2019

In the last week of Term 2 students from the Ttaranui Khui Ako (Community of Learning) Primary Schools came together for the first Ttaranui Maths Problem Solving event which was held at Casebrook Intermediate.

The event was planned and organised by Year 10 students from Papanui High School with the help of Mr Paul Anderson (Year 10 Dean) and Mr Tim Morgan (Across School Teacher).

Teams of 4 worked together to solve 15 problems relating to all aspects of mathematics. Once successful a "runner" took the answer to the Year 10 markers who awarded them a pom pom to show a successful answer. The first team to gain 15 pom poms in their jar was the winner.

Results from the day:

  • 1st Cotswold School
  • 2nd Cotswold School
  • 3rd Redwood School

The day ended with a collaborative task involving the manipulation of number cards. Each team was allowed one adult to join each team for this task.

The winning team for this final challenge was Redwood School.

The day was a light hearted celebration of mathematics which we hope to repeat again in 2020. 

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