'Wheels' has a Big Impact on School

By Dan Leys | Posted: Wednesday August 7, 2019

By Chaz, Lucas and Nick

Every Monday lunch time, Room 10 and others help get all the equipment out for kids to rush for their scooters, bikes and skateboards for wheels.

This is set up by Matua Leys and some students, it is where kids can zoom up and down ramps and grind across pipes. Here are some of the results from the people we interviewed:

Lucas from Room 10 said:

Q1. Why do you like wheels? Reply - They make me go fast.

Q2. Who got you into wheels? Reply - My brother Steven.

Matua Leys:

Q1. How long have you been riding a skateboard for? 21 years!

Q2. Why do you keep doing it? It keeps me feeling young, it's more of a lifestyle than a hobby.

Some of the ramps are owned by Casebrook Intermediate, some of the new ones have been donated by the DHK skate crew this year.