Behind the Scenes at Nku

By Arika, Cohan | Posted: Wednesday August 7, 2019

Every Wednesday from 9:00 - 9:50am girls and boys from Casebrook participate in a group called Nku te Ao taught by Matua Leys and Whaea Bull.

We learn about Maori Myths and Legends and also have the opportunity to go other places to learn more and also are able to go to different schools to teach and gather more information.

It is surprising how many participate and contribute to the program Nōku te Ao.

Let's see what the kids and teachers have to say about it.


What inspired you to do Nōku?

Learning about more Māori information and where I am from, also learning about other Māori peoples thoughts on how Aotearoa was created.

What made you stay for the past 2 years?

Learning more of the Māori culture and giving knowledge to the younger ones to pass on so the the Māori language will be more accurate and not go extinct.

Matua Leys:

What do you like about teaching?

I want to strengthen the Māoritanga of all students at Casebrook, I also like how enthusiastic and the knowledgable our tauira become and take on leadership roles.


What do you like about Nōku?

We get to learn stuff about Atua and experience the Māori culture.

What is your favourite thing about it?

My favourite thing about Nōku te Ao is learning about our Atua and listening to music

Why did you want to join ?

Miss Bull told us what it is about and I thought it was quite Interesting

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