Lost property

By Catherina Hengst | Posted: Wednesday September 4, 2019

School uniform items

  • Blue shorts (size 92)
  • Blue shorts (size 10)
  • 2 jackets (one named Lilly Hunt - an ex pupil)
  • Black Canterbury bag with girls school blouse, skirt, white socks and assorted other things (contact Ms Hengst about this)

Non school items

  • 2 black puffer jackets
  • pair of blue sneakers
  • 3 drink bottles
  • grey beanie
  • 2 odd gloves
  • red polar fleece neck thing
  • 2 sistema containers (from the bake sale?)
  • Grey puffer jacket

Plus these items being donated next week (after six weeks in lost property):

  • Black and white jacket
  • Pink and fur jacket
  • Black and grey t shirt
  • Black long sleeve thermal that has "Bring me home" written on label

If you are missing anything from the school ski trip please contact Miss Kennedy: ekennedy@casebrook.school.nz

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