Check it Out!

By Shona Kelleher | Posted: Wednesday July 27, 2016

Introducing our Exciting New Website.

We are pleased to present to you our recently relaunched Casebrook Intermediate School website.   This is a responsive and intuitive web solution for our school that is fundamentally a visual feast of what our students and school community are getting up to on a daily basis. 

With a click of your finger you will be able to view our Daily Notices, keep up to date with upcoming  events on the Events Calendar, go back through old newsletters, as well as follow our recent news.  The integration of our Hail Newsletters keeps the web content current and packed full of information.

You will be able to find our Twitter and school Youtube sites on the Home Page and don't forget if you haven't done it already download our School App - you will find this in the Contact section.  

Please note that Absences are done only through the School App or by phone.

Here is the link,

We hope you enjoy perusing the website as much as we do.

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