RWC 2019

By Eden Foster | Posted: Tuesday October 8, 2019

The RWC is in full swing. Let's see what Room 9 thinks of the results so far.

The Rugby World Cup is a worldwide tournament where different teams from around the world compete to win the cup. The first cup was in 1987 and New Zealand won it.

The Rugby World Cup is really awesome, All Blacks all the way! We asked some students about their predictions about the RWC. Most of them predicted that the All Blacks are going to win and get a threepeat. Most students are really happy with the All Blacks because they won against South Africa in the pool games. Over 70% of Room 9 want the All Blacks to win, the rest want other countries to win

Room 9 are doing a sweepstake for the Rugby World Cup. Everyone in the class got a nation that is playing in the World Cup. For example, Cam from Rm 9 got France for the sweepstake. If your nation comes 1st, 2nd or 3rd you get a prize from Mr Foster.

We look forward to continuing following the RWC and seeing who will win the sweepstake. GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!

By Boraq Nasir and Nitesh Sharma (Room 9)

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