Athlete Spotlight - Ava Rattray

By Olivia P, Olivia T & Dakota | Posted: Sunday October 27, 2019

Ava Rattray is a Year 7 from Room 1 who represents Casebrook in athletic events such as cross country, athletics and swimming sports.

Ava started competing in events like this four years ago when she was eight years old. Some of the top results she has achieved are first place at Redwood School for cross country, first place at Redwood School for sprints. This year Ava has produced some great results such as  - 1st place in our school cross country, 2nd place at the CAIMS Cross country at Halswell Quarry, 9th place at the Inter-regional Cross country in Hanmer Springs and 22nd place at the AIMS Games Cross Country in Tauranga.

Ava will have some more amazing results in the next few years and we wish her the best of luck in all of her next competitions. 

We wanted to know some more about Ava and her achievements since being a student at Casebrook so we asked her some questions about her athletic life. 

Q: Do you compete often and what events do you like the most?

A: Yes I compete often and my favourite event to compete in is any running events.

Q: What age did you start competing and what was the competition?

A: I started four years ago when I was eight and my first competition was school sprints and I came first place.

Q: What are some goals for when you are older as an athlete?

A: I want to compete in the Olympics.

Q: What is your worst moment?

A: When I thought I had pulled a muscle, luckily I hadn't!