Chess National Qualifiers

By Brayden & Shalani | Posted: Wednesday October 23, 2019

On the nineteenth of October Miss Kennedy and five students went to a national chess tournament which was held at Villa Maria College in Christchurch.

There were over 100 students representing their schools and they all had to cram into the school hall. 

We asked Miss Kennedy some questions about the tournament:

Q.What were the results?

A: Hazel and Jeffery won 5/9 games and received credit

Alex, Atsuki and Isaac received a merit winning 3/9 games

Q. Where did you place?

A: We did not come in the top 3.

Q. How many games did you play?

A: 9 games, each game was half an hour.

Q.How did you get there?

A: We took the Casebook school van

Q.How was it?

A: It was a great day, lots of challenges as we were playing the top chess players in New Zealand.