Hagley Boys and Girls Cricket

By Lucy, Molly & Zoe H | Posted: Wednesday October 23, 2019

Every Tuesday Casebrook sends their boys and girls cricket teams down to Hagley park on a bus to play against different intermediate schools from around Christchurch.

The first round was in Week one of Term 4. The girls' team lost their first game and the boys drew against Breens Intermediate.

We decided to ask some of the girls' team some questions about Summer Hagley.

Q: How many games do you play each time you go?

A: We only have time to play one game as we start at 1:30 and need to be finished by 2:30 so we can get back to school on time.

Q: What’s the hardest school to play?

A: We have only played one game so far against Hillmorton and we thought that they were pretty good.

Q: Do you like batting or fielding better?

A: batting because you get a chance to score points for your team and it’s more practices for upcoming games.

Q: What is the easiest team to play?

A: We have only played one team so we haven't gone against any other teams to see how good they are.

Q: Would you play cricket again?

A: Yes because you learn lots of new skills and get a chance to make lots of new friends.

Q: Is cricket a hard sport to learn?

A: No but bowling and batting can be challenging at times, because if you don’t hit the ball in batting you are letting your team down.

We hope that the boys and girls cricket team do well in the rest of there games and win at Hagley Sport.