Ultimate Frisbee - Summer Hagley

By Ashton, Lily and Zoe S | Posted: Wednesday October 23, 2019

Ultimate Frisbee is the newest Hagley sport on offer at Casebrook.

Every Tuesday, 20 students go to play Ultimate Frisbee at Hagley Park. Casebrook has entered two mixed teams made up of both Year 7 and Year 8’s. This competition runs from week 1 to week 9 during Term 4. Students get to Hagley by bus and once they arrive they play schools from across Christchurch. Ultimate frisbee is a new sport and has not been played at Summer Hagley before.

The first round was very successful as the students hadn’t played a proper game before.

The Red team won 6-5 against Christchurch South Intermediate and the Black team tied 8-8 with Rangi Ruru.

We decided to interview one of the players to find out some more information:

Q:What do you like about Ultimate frisbee?

A: It's not hard to play and its a great opportunity to get involved in a new sport.

Q: When do you practise?

A: Before games or at lunch and at home.

Q: Had you heard of Ultimate Frisbee before?

A: No, Until the sign-up sheet came, I didn't even know it was a sport!

Q: How hard is it playing Ultimate frisbee?

A: Very hard because the wind blows it in the opposite direction

Q: Is Ultimate frisbee a hard game to learn?

A: Not really, all you have to do is throw and catch!