Casebrook REP Update

By Nick Leith | Posted: Tuesday August 9, 2016

Congratulations to our students who achieved their badges for earning the required number of REP cards in one of our three expectations of RESPECT, EXCELLENCE and PERSEVERANCE.

Students are coming home with 'Celebrate!' postcards sharing their REP badge success for any parents who would like to join us for Tuesday assembly and see badges being awarded.

We awarded four SUPER-REP badges in assembly this week:

Danielle Mills, Amrita Kafle - Room 1

Jack Taunt, Ella Herber - Room 8

Congratulations to these students:


Dominic Pulley - Room 1

Mya Beswick, Shai Tiriamate, Phillip White - Room 3

Mia Ormsby, Jayde Hurrell - Room 8

Holly Ellis - Room 10

Nani Dabuli, Trelise Johns-Mills, Lucus Thomas - Room 11

Rebecca Donaghey, Jacob Neale, Amelia Roberts - Room 12


Mia Ormsby, Jordyn Ineson - Room 8

Matthew Lange, Briar Macdonald, Tara McCarroll, Bronte Perriam, Josh Thomson, CaitlinCarroll, Ashton Lay, Campbell Macpherson, Hannah Olley  - Room 9

Roy Dempster, Kieran Inwood, James Overton - Room 10

Neve Canton, Krystal Meldau, Corbin Jones - Room 11

Aimee Pritchard, Bradley Wilson-Van Egdom - Room 12


Dominic Pulley - Room 1

Noah Rangiwai-Lynn, Chloe Roberts - Room 3

Mia Ormsby - Room 8

Trinity Mackley-Flutey - Room 9

Charlotte Marshall - Room 10

Georgia Black, Katie Comyns - Room 12