Casebrook Challenge within our bubbles!

By Shona Mckenzie | Posted: Wednesday May 6, 2020

Our Term 2 Casebrook Challenge focuses on activities that can be completed within the comfort of your own home.

We have been impressed with the level of creativity our students have shown using resources within their bubbles. Our students thinking has been challenged with our worlds current climate, and they have proven learning can happen in many different ways.

Students have been keeping fit by making homemade obstacle courses, creating forts to read in, baking cakes and cookies to cure the takeaway cravings and practising lifelong skills.

Thank you to all of the bubbles who are getting involved in the challenges. We can’t wait for all of the Term 2 gold badges.

Check out some of the fantastic challenges below:

Braeden Yu - Scratch game based on ‘The Flash’ comic series. 

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