Home learning in Room 11.

By Charlotte Rennie | Posted: Wednesday May 6, 2020

While learning has looked different for the past four weeks, Room 11 has shown perseverance when navigating the online learning world. Ensuring cameras and microphones are on, remembering passwords and supporting each other with questions and confusions, it has been a great online atmosphere.

Google Hangouts

These have been the highlight of each week, being able to communicate with each other face to face, even if through a screen. There has been technical difficulties, guest appearances from many pets and lots of laughs. 


During Term Two students have continued the inquiry topic Tūrangawaewae (our standing place) and have been looking at the cause and effect of major events in New Zealand.

The past two weeks has seen the students deepening their knowledge around the history of ANZAC Day. The work students have produced during this time has shown their creative flair. Their work has ranged from descriptive stories about a childhood ted, lego recreations of war scenes, baking ANZAC biscuits, and many poppy tributes that were displayed on ANZAC Day.


During Term Two students have been making use of the great online tools available. Write that Essay has been providing students with daily creative writing challenges that have showcased some well thought out and engaging writing. They have been learning how to form different sentences and how to write a good paragraph.


This Term students have been connecting their reading to the inquiry topic and looking at key events in New Zealand. Students have been reading 'Just a Drop of Water’ and locating key information relating to the September 11 attacks and comparing this to the recent Christchurch Mosque shooting. Students have been thinking critically around the importance of having a connection to ‘our standing place’ and the right of feeling safe in the place people call home. 

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