Room 8's Home Learning

By Charlotte Gardner | Posted: Tuesday May 5, 2020

Here are some highlights of what Room 8 has been getting up to during the lockdown.

Writing: Room 8 have enjoyed a daily challenge from Write that Essay. They are encouraged to add in words they would not normally use into their stories or making their writing more descriptive. We had many twists and turns with some of our stories, and some leaving us on the edge of our seats!

Reading: Students have been given a set of challenges to complete based around different articles and stories. We have really enjoyed learning about the ANZAC's and Gallipoli, and how significant ANZAC Day is to all of us. We have been making slideshows, posters and artworks to help commemorate the occasion. 

Google Hangouts: We have loved catching up over video calls and seeing each other, even if it is through a computer screen. We have had theme hangouts, been introduced to pets and family members as well as many Kahoot competitions - one involved matching up baby photos of us! We are competing in a lockdown bingo this Friday which will be a lot of fun!

Afternoon Activities: Students have been filling in their afternoons by learning more creative art skills, cooking new recipes, following along with a dance or a workout, Casebrook Challenges and spending time with their families. Mila decided to brighten up the footpath around her home so people had a bit of fun on their daily walks, Nathan made poppies for ANZAC Day and Willow made a fort as a study nook. 

I have been SO impressed by how well Room 8 students have worked during the lockdown. Great perseverance when times have been challenging and awesome efforts to ensure their school work is to a high standard. 

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