Scooter and Skateboard Challenge!

By Jacinta Clark | Posted: Wednesday May 27, 2020

On Tuesday the 26th of May we held a Scooter and Skateboard sprint challenge down our school driveway. This was held during lunchtime.

Students had two challenges to complete - 

1: Scooter 300m

2: Skateboard 200m. 

The fastest three times would win prizes. Times would then be submitted to compete against other Intermediate Schools from all around Christchurch. We asked Jason (one of the students who competed in the race) some questions.

1. How did you do in the race?

"9th place"

2. How did you feel before and after the race?

"Ready and after the race I was tired"

These are the people who placed in the top three:

1. Cory Willson (Room 5): 46.79 seconds

2. Josh Hicks (Room 11): 48.5 seconds

3. Jake Holmes (Room 13): 48.61 seconds

First place won a Subway lunch!

Second and third place received a free Juicie!