Casebrook Cross Country

By Skyla-Paige, Emily, James, Sheldon | Posted: Monday May 25, 2020

Our school cross country is next week!

This year's Casebrook Cross Country is on the 3rd of June at 2:00pm on the dot, so you probably need to go to the toilet before 2:00pm. It's an event that everyone has to take part in. (Unless you have a good reason not to do it like you have broken a bone) The length of the whole race is about 2.8km long.

We have interviewed some people in Room 5 about what their goals are for Cross Country this year.

We asked Molly Wortley about what her goals are for this year's cross country. She replied with “To not come last and to try her best.”

Then we asked Cory Wilson what his goals for Cross Country. He replied with “To come 1st and try his best “

We also asked Dakota Taylor what his goals are for the Cross Country. He replied with “To come in the top ten and not lose to Sheldon”.

You will need to bring a drink bottle with water in it, a pair of suitable running shoes and your P.E gear. If you don’t bring all the things that are needed you're going to have a hard time running the race.