REP Focus For Weeks 10 and 11 - Respecting Our Loos!

By Genevieve Feron | Posted: Monday June 22, 2020

One of the great things about being at Casebrook Intermediate is having top-notch facilities to use... this includes our loos!

Over the past two weeks, students have been discussing during their PB4L lessons in their classes how fortunate we are to have working toilets. In other areas of the world, children and schools aren't so lucky so it is important we don't take this for granted!

Ways we can demonstrate REP when using our loos...

1. Keep them clean, tidy and ready for the next person to use. 

2. Let your teacher or the duty teacher know if there is an issue.

3. Keep playground equipment in the playground.

4. Appreciate the hard work our lovely cleaners put into making sure the toilets are cleaned every day.

5. Sinks are a great place to wash our hands and practise good hygiene. 

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