Tapena sou so lau malaga - Prepare yourself a gift for your travels.

By Trina Wilkinson | Posted: Monday June 15, 2020

During Week 7 of this term, many New Zealand schools celebrated Samoan Language Week.

The Tōtaranui Kāhui Ako was no different. A shared Google slides was given to all the schools within our Kāhui with the challenge of giving it a go and embracing one of our growing languages.

As part of this week there was an opportunity to create a tee shirt design that celebrated something to do with Samoa or its language. A large number of students took up this challenge and created tee shirts that showed their new knowledge around Samoa and its culture and language.

Casebrook Intermediate and Cotswold took this challenge up with gusto and had over 300 entries between the two schools! There were winners and highly commended prizes. A selection of the winners and some of the outstanding art works have been attached here for you to view.

Malo lava to the students who stepped out of their comfort zones and entered.

The next language week we will be celebrating is Kiribati Language Week (12th July - 18th July)

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