Respecting The Bike Compound!

By Genevieve Feron | Posted: Tuesday August 18, 2020

Our current REP focus is respecting the bike compound. This is one of the many great things that students get to use (at their own risk) when they attend Casebrook.

During this focus, classes have been looking at how to use the compound appropriately and understanding they are responsible to store their bikes and scooters safely.

Lock it up and keep it safe!

In order to ensure your bike or scooter is kept safely - make sure you lock it up! Classes have watched videos about how to lock up their bike or scooter effectively. Make sure you take the time to lock it to one of the bike stands.

Hands off others' bikes!

When collecting your bike or scooter from the compound, make sure you only touch what belongs to you! Damage or theft of others' property is taken seriously at Casebrook. 

Other handy tips!

It is also a good idea to engrave your name on your bike in an inconspicuous place and take note of your bike's serial number. This is really helpful if a mix up happens.