Japanese students from Kamaishi enjoy time in Casebook Classrooms and visiting the local tourist attractions on their "Road to Recovery" trip.

By Sharon Keen | Posted: Tuesday March 29, 2016

Casebrook and Kamaishi students lives have both been impacted by earthquakes and the subsequent disruptions and so the students enjoyed spending time comparing their cities and life styles and enjoyed learning more about each others culture. Thank you very much to those who home stayed our visitors, they were made very welcome. Thank you to Tracy Goulden for her organisation and accompanying the students on many of their outings.

On Wednesday we had a team take part in the Canterbury Schools Literacy Quiz. Congratulations to the team who achieved 3rd place and thank you to Mr Damien Pitt for working with them.

During the last week of this term we have our first Parent - Teacher meetings. This is an important time as it allows you to hear how your child has settled into the year and together, set goals.  If you still need to book an appointment time please do so.  Individual reports will be sent home on Friday April 8.

On the last Friday of the term, April 15th we will hold a Celebration Assembly were we award Students their Gold Challenge Badges.   You are very welcome to join us on this occasion.

Thank you for your ongoing support.  We continue to be very impressed with the students positive attitude and willingness to be involved.


Sharon Keen


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