Digital Technology in Maths

By Jordan Schultz and Josh Armstrong | Posted: Thursday September 10, 2020

Some Maths classes have been exploring Geometry through the use of Spheros.

A sphero is a robot that is made with wires, lights and programs that helps you program the spheros and make them. 

A sphero is controlled with programs that make it move around and get them into the middle of the room. 

Room 8 had the task of moving the spheros in the right direction to get through obstacles consisting of chairs and tables. The end goal was to get it into the middle of a square on the floor. 

We had to program the speed, distance and timing of our sphero just right, to get it where we wanted it to go. There were lots of different teams, each team had a different sphero with a different colour like green, blue, pink and purple.

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