Casebrook Intermediate Proposed School Zone

By Christine Gillard | Posted: Wednesday November 11, 2020

The Ministry of Education has directed the Board to implement an enrolment scheme.

he details can be found by following this link

Within the proposed enrolment scheme Area A is an ensured area. Area B, C and D are out for specific consultation and are proposed shared areas. It is very important that we maintain Areas B, C and D as this will then include all the schools in our Kahui Ako or Community of Learning. We have worked very hard over the last six or seven years to build relationships within our community and to develop a learning pathway.

We also realise this does not provide families from North Canterbury with an Intermediate of Middle Schooling option.

Please share your views, it is important this is completed as soon as possible as the consultation time frames are short and submissions close on December 7th.

As always your support is appreciated.

Casebrook Intermediate Board of Trustees