Dunedin EOTC and Inquiry Trip

By Anna Kerr | Posted: Wednesday November 11, 2020

At the start of this term, a total of 70 Casebrook kids in two trips set off on an adventure to Dunedin. The students got to participate in many different activities.

A highlight was the Otago Museum where they saw the pretty butterflies and got to hold them. The students also learnt some basic knowledge of the Pacific, the world and saw some crazy inventions.

Another highlight was surfing at St Clair Beach, Trip A handled the wind and rain really well while Trip B had beautiful blue skies. The students learnt how to ride the waves! One night after dinner they all drove down to Moana Pool and spent a couple of fun-filled hours swimming and going on the hydro slide.

Both groups completed a beach walk, Trip A walking to Lawyers Head and Trip B went on an hour walk to Tunnel Beach where they walked through the dark tunnels and took pictures on the massive rocks and sand. The students also got to play at Clip 'n Climb and Leap!, where they got to do some cool tricks on the tramps and climbed the massive walls.

Learning about the conservation work and how endangered the Yellow-Eyed Penguins are at Penguin Place made seeing them the more special and experiencing true science at Otago University was amazing. Lastly, both groups filled themselves to bursting point at Great Taste for dinner. Then early the next day students and teachers headed back on a 5-hour drive to Casebrook.

Click on the links below to see the videos of all the fun that was had!