Year 7 and Year 8 Art

By Mia Polamalu and Aysia Winter-Perry | Posted: Monday November 30, 2020

Art this term has been a great experience for students to learn new techniques and designs they had never thought of.

Art this term

Every student had a different part of their art work that they liked most, the designs and learning about colours and textures. There was one answer that stood out from the other two which was learning about texture and which colours work best together for affect. Every one of them would have liked to change something about their piece, the outlining and water colour was their opinion of what they would change for next time.

Pacifica fans

Chanelle Rm 15 ~ Pacifica designs were my main piece of inspiration no one else really inspired me and my piece. My top favourite things about my fan are definitely the handle and the background.

Hannah Rm 15 ~ I thought that all the colour combinations would go well together so that was probably my inspiration. I like the pacifica designs the best about my piece, but next time I would definitely try to use watercolour on it.

Yr 8 Canvases

Zoey Rm 2 ~ Geometry designs and the internet were my inspiration. In art we were learning about colours and textures on the canvas and that is why my background looks all funky and cool. Something I would change is my outline of my wolf and hearts; they are definitely not my favourite part of the piece. I learnt many things in art but the mains ones are learning that outlining is very boring and how to use textures for effect.

Art extension:

Art extension, a big group of students who spend their Wednesday afternoon learning a bit more about what they can achieve during their time in art and art extension. This term in art extension the students have been learning how to safely cut lino with the proper tools. They cut into the lino with the tools following the lines they traced on. They each choose a design, picture or animal to trace and carve onto the lino. After they have finished their great piece of lino they print them onto paper using different coloured paint.Some of the other art extension students chose to try pop art which is art based on modern culture and mass media. This type of art was made with a bright background and a very dark symbol to make it stand out.

Printing with lino cuts

Rebecca Room 1 ~ I choose a bee because I think bees are a cool insect and their colours and patterns are unique. I spent most of the time looking for a bee online searching on google and looking at images. I have learnt how to safely cut lino and keep the lines as straight or curved as possible. My favourite part of my bee is the wings because they are very intricate and the lines are very small but my least favourite part is the legs because they look very weird and if I could I would change the legs.

Sienna Room 1 ~ Looking at animals I decided to choose a turtle that I found on the internet. Like the others I learned how to cut lino carefully because the tools I used to cut the lino were quite sharp. I loved the design of the turtle shell, the shell was my favourite part because of the way it looks. One of the things I learnt was to slow down and take my time while cutting the line to make them even and cleaner.

Aysia Room 13 ~ I was looking online for a woman and found the artist of the perfect quirky lady I was looking for. We were learning how to do different paint techniques and how to cut safely. The woman's face and all the different patterns on the woman were my favourite part of the piece. In art I could safely say we learnt how to get better at cutting our lino and that there are many choices of lino cuts you can create.

Pop art

Jayda Rm 14 ~ Last Christmas I visited the top of the North Island and saw the famous lighthouse and I thought that would be a cool idea for my painting. In art this term we have been learning about art techniques and lino cuts. My favourite part about my pop art is the lighthouse and all the colours and I like it that much so I wouldn’t change anything about it. I learnt to take my time while doing this art.

Haya Rm 13 ~ New Zealand based themes were the main source of inspiration pictures on the internet also helped. In art we were learning how to print with lino cuts and paint brush techniques. I liked all the different colours and patterns but I should have added white posca pens on the kiwis. I learnt how to choose colours that stand out and match.

Teresa Rm 11 ~ I think penguins are important animals and they are going extinct so I decided to do them for my pop art. We learnt painting techniques and how to use the lino cutters safely/properly. I really like the colours of the paints, and how they matched.

By Mia Polamalu and Aysia Winter-Perry (Room 13)

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