The Power of Laughter.

By Emily Foot | Posted: Wednesday November 9, 2016

I am Joy, the eldest of the children of happiness in its purest form. My siblings Sunny and Harmony, select groups of people to spread the laughter across the globe as it turns steadily around the sun.

My job is get the places they’ve missed. I like my job. Nothing feels better than hearing the sound of infants giggling gleefully in their cots, as the wind turns the mobile above them. Or the chorus of delighted squeals of boogie boarders as the waves roll them gently down the bay. But the best kind of laughter is the contagious kind; the kind that starts from almost nothing and spirals off endlessly, oblivious to where it is going. It happened just this morning.

It was a dark, cold London morning and people were getting on a train. A man, his earphones in, his eyes glued to the screen and his heart and soul sucked into the metal casing of the tablet he was grasping, boarded the train. He quietly began the chuckle and suddenly erupted into great big belly laughs. It spread like wildfire. Within thirty seconds, the entire train, full of people, were splitting their sides with the chorus of angels that is laughter. Even the stone hearted driver got in on the fun. By the time they got off, the sun was out, the bees were buzzing and the birds were singing. The people that were once gloomy and depressed, were uplifted, ready to spread the joy. Like I said, I like my job. I think you now know why.

Written by Emily Foot