Thursday after school coding club

By Simon Mutch | Posted: Wednesday June 2, 2021

Everyone benefits from knowing how to code these days.

We are starting a code club on a Thursday after school that will give students the opportunity to further develop their coding skills at whatever level they may be. 

There is a lot of evidence that females can miss out on opportunities due to not having as much coding knowledge as they could. In the past, coding has been seen as a male dominated area and it's important that we get the balance right.

Companies like Google put a lot of time and money into promoting coding for girls and we want to ensure that we are offering every opportunity to support these endeavours. One initiative is our Wednesday afternoon girl's Digi Club. And now we would like to offer a Thursday after school option for all our students.

We will be running the club from 3:00 to 3:45pm on a Thursday after school during term time, starting June 10. We will offer coding at all levels of interest and abilities. If you would like your child to attend please email me at


Simon Mutch

Digital Technology Specialist