'Footing it' at Futsal

By Nick Leith | Posted: Tuesday November 9, 2021

Summer Hagley Sport season is underway and our seven Futsal teams are tearing up the courts!

Casebrook has sent the most teams of any Intermediate down to Hagley Netball Courts this summer sports season.

Our seven teams are also having lots of success in an awesome competition that is heavily student run with heaps of intense energy-sapping fun for our futsallers, both experienced and first timers.

Our six boys teams (The Peles, Maradonas, Zidanes, Robaldinos, Cruyffs and Baggios) are doing well, but the standout sides to date are The Peles and our girls team, The Rapinoes.

Results below:

The Peles

7-2 v Heat mix

7-2 v Chis Blue

4-3 v Heaton

9-6 v Chch Sth

The Maradonas

1-5 v Heat green

3-5 v Chch Sth 2

2-2 v Chis 

1-4 v Casebrook Zidane

The Zidanes

2-3 v Heat gold

3-2 v Chch Sth 1

5-4 v Chis Blue

4-1 Casebrook Maradona

The Ronaldinos

1 -2 v Heat silver

1-5 v Heat black

2-6 v Hillmorton

1-1 v Breens

The Cruyffs

2-1 v Heat Black

3-2 v Chis white

4-4 v Hillmorton

4-4 v Breens

The Baggios

9-4 v Chis white

6-0 v Chis green

0-4 v Heaton

4-8 v Breens

The Rapinoes

13-0 v Rangi

2-2 v Chch Sth

16-0 v Rangi

8-0 v Rangi

Big kudos needs to go to our sports coordinator, Tom Straker for letting everyone who wanted to, be part of a team. School of Opportunity!