Softball At Casebrook

By Bev Bell | Posted: Tuesday December 7, 2021

During Term 4 Casebrook had a Softball team compete at Hagley Sport every Tuesday afternoon. This was held at South Hagley where they played multiple games against other Intermediate schools around Christchurch.

The team consisted of 3 girls, 9 boys and we were lucky enough to be coached by Mr Watts. We played 5 games in total, winning 2 and losing 3. The teams we played were Heaton, Cobham, Christchurch South and Chisnallwood. We then asked Mr Watts what the most memorable moment was, and this is what he told us. “The most memorable moment was our game against Chisnallwood, even though we lost, it was the best we played as a team.”

We then asked Mr Watts about why he wanted to coach and his favourite part about it. He said, “I wanted to be the coach because Softball is a sport I am passionate about and I was keen to help young softballers at Casebrook. My favourite part of coaching the team was getting to see all the progress that the players made from game to game.”

Written by: Jessica Varga