By Bev Bell | Posted: Monday December 6, 2021

This term the summer Hagley cricket team has been playing against other Intermediate schools from all around Christchurch at Hagley Park.

I interviewed Lincoln Davanney, a player on the team on how they have been going.

How do you think the team went, how many games did you win?

“We lost the first game, but won all the others.”

Does the team show Rep when they play?

“Yes, they show good sportsmanship by clapping the batsmen off when they are out and other things that show respect like that.”

I also Interviewed Mr Jeff Case, the coach of the team, and how he thinks that the team has gone.

How well do you think the team represented the school?

“Really well, I think we improved on a lot of skills, we worked as a team, took advice really well, and managed to win some games which were good games, and showed REP the whole time.”

What was your highlight of this term's Hagley experience?

“Winning some games against some good teams, and improvements, for example, in the first game we bowled a lot of wides, we then discussed it and bowled really well from that point onwards.”

Do you enjoy watching the team play, and helping them learn?

“Yeah absolutely. Cricket is a big passion of mine, and it's always good to see them play and when they’ve got the right attitude it makes it more interesting and more fun to be involved with.”