Year 8 Casebrook Leavers

By Bev Bell | Posted: Monday December 6, 2021

As it is the last few weeks of the term, we went around and asked the Year 8 leavers what their highlight of the year was and what they would recommend for the coming Year 7s, to make their Casebrook experience the best that it could be.

The majority of the Year 8s said camp was their highlight of the year. They enjoyed the giant swing, hanging out at the beach with friends, the food and playing games in the forest.

Ari, from Room 1, said. ‘I enjoyed being head boy for the school’.

Elijah, from Room 1, and Emily and Olive from Room 2 said they enjoyed the different sporting opportunities Casebrook has, including athletics, cross country and Hagley sport.

The Year 8 leavers have a few more upcoming events before the end of the year, including prize giving, the school formal and the big day in!

The last day for them at Casebrook is December 16th. We wish everyone all the very best for 2022 and beyond, at their respective high schools.

By: Ava, Kaitlyn and Taylor - Room 16